A1724 2-Zone Output 9-Input Aux/Mic 100V Mixer Amp 240W


Main Features

  • 2 speaker output zones which can be independently selected
  • Phantom power to all connected microphones
  • Allows easy tonal adjustment of all output signals
  • Parametric equalizer or other gearcan can be patched in
  • Remote control capability
  • Back panel includes a stereo record output
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A1724 2-Zone 9-Input Aux/Mic 100V Mixer Amp 240W

The A-1700 Series of high-performance mixing-dedicated power amplifiers are ideal for PA applications that value versatility. Specifically designed to satisfy the multi-microphone public address requirements of environments such as places of worship and meeting halls, the A-1700 Series Microphone Mixing Amplifiers focus on operational flexibility as well as advanced functions, proving an ideal cost-effective PA solution.




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