A2003 UHF Passive Wideband Directional Antenna


Main Features

  • Antenna, 430-960MHz, passive, directional, +3dB gain
  • Use with Sennheiser UHF wireless microphones and in-ear monitor systems
  • Transmitting and receiving antenna
  • Frequency range: 450-960 MHz
  • Apex angle: approx 100 degrees
  • Front-to-back ratio: = 14 dB

A2003 UHF Passive Wideband Directional Antenna

The Sennheiser A2003 is an active UHF wireless directional antenna. It features a log periodic dipole array. When compared to an omnidirectional 1/2-wave antenna, the cardioid pattern provided by the A2003 offers enhanced reception of the desired coverage area and greater rejection of RF signals outside the coverage area.




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