AC12.8 Audio Control Matrix with DSP 12in/8Out 1U


Main Features

  • AUDIOCONTROL12.8 DSP powered audio matrix
  • Perfect for small and medium sized audio applications
  • 3 serial ports
  • fixed architecture DSP platform
  • Integrated real time task scheduler
  • Connect up to 120 addressable/programmable paging mics
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AC12.8 Audio Control Matrix with DSP 12in/8Out 1U

AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is a DSP powered audio matrix for small and medium sized audio applications, featuring advanced control of audio processing and routing with control of other (non-audio) devices which is unique on the market. The audio matrix system has 12 inputs, 8 line outputs and a digital stereo SPDIF input and output. There are 3 serial ports (one on the front and two on the rear of the unit) to configure the unit and to control external devices. The AUDIOCONTROL12.8 uses a fixed architecture DSP platform meaning that the audio path has the same fixed flow for all inputs and outputs.

The integrated real time task scheduler can perform a variety of tasks that means the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is suitable for many projects. Up to 120 addressable/programmable paging microphones/extenders can be connected, each with their own functionality and individual presets and up to 8 priority levels.




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