AC3200MKII Active 8-1 Antenna Combiner for 8xSR2020D


Main Features

  • Active 8-channel 0 dB transmitter combiner with highly constant RF output power over the entire frequency range
  • Significant improvement of RF performance for multi-channel systems
  • Broadband RF design to cover the UHF frequency range from 500-870 MHz
  • Maximum input power of 250 mW
  • LEDs on the front show whether a signal is present at the RF input
  • Compatible with SR 3054, SR 3056, SR 3254, SR 3256, SR 300 and SR 350 transmitters

AC3200MKII Active 8-1 Antenna Combiner for 8xSR2020D

The AC 3200-II is an active 8-channel transmitter combiner for bundling the antenna signals in large wireless monitoring systems. Designed for the 2000 Series rack-mount monitor transmitters, it is ideal for large productions where reliable transmission and long reach are key. The AC 3200-II allows up to eight signals to be transmitted from a single antenna. In multi-channel systems it is an indispensable tool for efficiently reducing intermodulation between transmission channels. Linear power amplifiers handle up to 100 mW per channel without loss, and LEDs for each channel provide the user with a reliable system overview.




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AC 3200 II User Manual