ASP212 2 x 1-2 Passive Antennae Splitter


Main Features

  • 2 x 1: 2 (ASP 212) Passive Antenna Splitter
  • DC-coupled for use with antenna boosters
  • Frequency range 30-950 MHz
  • Max. current 0.3 A DC
  • Attenuation approx: 4 dB

ASP212 2 x 1-2 Passive Antennae Splitter

The Sennheiser ASP 212 Passive 2 x 2 x 2 Antenna SplitterDC-coupled for use with antenna boosters.

The three EM 1046 ASP antenna splitter modules serve to supply several mainframes with the signals of only two antenna. With an EM 1046 ASP 212, a 16-channel system can be operated with only one pair of antenna.




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