C10:8X 8Ch Installation Amp 8x125W @ 4/8/16ohms/100V 2U


Main Features

  • Tailored to installation applications
  • 8 x 125 W
  • Exclusive VPL matches channel output to load
  • Bridgeable in channel pairs
  • Selectable input gain
  • Craftsman-built in Kungsbacka, Sweden
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C10:8X 8Ch Installation Amp 8x125W @ 4/8/16ohms/100V 2U

The C 10:8X is an eight-channel amplifier that delivers 8 × 125 W* at 4 ohms, 8 ohms, 16 ohms or 70 Vrms; 250 W at 100 Vrms is available in bridge mode.

The C 10:8X is one of four C…X models in the C Series, each uniquely suited for a range of installed applications with relatively lower power output requirements. C…X models share most features of the original (higher power) C Series models, and they share the same compact, lightweight 2U chassis. However, the C…X models are offered in both four- and eight-channel versions, offering even greater channel density and installation flexibility. Also, because the unique benefits of Class TD® are more applicable at higher power levels, the C…X models employ a cost-efficient proprietary Class D output design. Other features unique to C…X models include a universal power supply, selectable 35 Hz high-pass filter, and built-in GPIO control facilities.

This amplifier is uniquely capable of adapting to a wide variety of demanding load conditions. Each channel has an individually configurable Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL™), which allows the output to be optimized for any loudspeaker load – whether a single large subwoofer or a series of small 70 V loudspeakers (100 V in bridge mode). VPL works in combination with adjustable input gain (adjustable in 4-channel blocks) to achieve maximum headroom regardless of input levels or output impedances. Additionally a 35 Hz high pass filter may be inserted in each 4-channel section.

Every C Series amplifier is ready for the NomadLink® network right out of the box. With NomadLink, key amplifier parameters are displayed via DeviceControl software, and remote control of channel mutes and power on/off is under network control.

GPIO facilities – provided exclusively on C…X models – allow access to key amplifier functions such as power on/off and fault reporting.

* Maximum continuous output power, all 8 channels driven, VPL set at 100 V and Gain set at 32 dB.


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