CM4T Black 4″ Ceiling/Panel Speaker 100V/16ohm


Main Features

  • One size bigger than a halogen-spot model (CM3T)
  • Low power taps for areas with low background noise
  • High power taps for maximum sound pressure level
  • An ideal compromise between size and power
  • Full metal frame and a coated dual paper cone
  • Low distortion and increased resistance against moisture
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CM4T Black 4″ Ceiling/Panel Speaker 100V/16ohm

The CM4 is a small 4” low impedance ceiling mount speaker. It is so stylish and discrete that it fits into any interior style or decoration, private or public. This speaker is small but offers good musical and speech quality.

The acoustical metal back can improves the sound response and protects against falling debris. This design makes CM4 speaker ideal for use in strip metal or perforated tile ceilings. Those ceilings allow the air that displaced by the loudspeaker cone to escape, resulting in a sound that lacks ‘body’. The back can of CM4 prevents this and guarantees a full, rich sound. Thanks to the strong spring clamps, the CM4 can be used in very thin ceiling material. It has only 100 mm mounting depth, which guarantees it can be used in a wide variety of applications.

CM4 can be used with a maximum of 4 speakers in parallel on one 4 ohms amplifier channel. In situations where you want to give more punch to the music you can use the CM4 in combination with a CMSUB8 ceiling mount subwoofer or SUBLIME cabinet subwoofer.

The redesigned CM4 ceiling mount speaker now comes with an elegant and stylish Apart removable logo.

The CM4 loudspeakers can be painted in any colour.




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