CMR3 Calibrated Measuring Receiver


Main Features

  • Designed for measuring the performance of audio frequency induction loop systems
  • Intended to be used as a calibrated probe with audio analysers
  • Including software based audio analysers running on portable or fixed computers
  • When used with a suitable signal source and analyser the magnetic field strength, background noise, frequency response and field distribution can be measured accurately
  • Works in accordance with the requirements of the international defining standard EN 60118-4
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CMR3 Calibrated Measuring Receiver

The CMR3 calibrated receiver is designed for measuring the performance of audio induction loop systems. The audio output is within ±0.25 dB over the frequency range and where used with a suitable audio analyser such as the Minilyser from Neutrik Ltd, the frequency response and field distribution of the magnetic field from any audio induction loop system can be plotted.

Calibrated to provide 0dBu output for a field strength of 400mA/m RMS, in accordance with the international induction loop standard IEC60118-4 it is an essential tool for anyone wishing to assess loop system performance for analyses or certification.




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