DA250DH 2-Channel Digital Amplifier 2x250W 100V 1U


Main Features

  • Extremely high amplification efficiency
  • Stands up to extended hours of operation
  • Has comprehensive protection circuitry
  • Lightweight 1U design
  • Well-suited to such locations as exhibition halls and sports facilities
  • Each of the channels has its own power supply
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DA250DH 2-Channel Digital Amplifier 2x250W 100V 1U

The DA-250DH is a 2-Channel Digital Power Amplifier designed for 100 V line high-impedance distribution and features lightweight, compact, high power output, and high efficiency. It delivers 250 W × 2 channels (40 Ω output) using a switching power supply. Each channel is equipped with an independent power section. It can be electrically isolated from the high-impedance speaker system by attaching the MT-251H Output Transformer (optional). It can be mounted in an EIA Standard equipment rack (1 unit size).




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