DIMIC12 12 Button Paging Mic for Audiocontrol 12.8


Main Features

  • 12 Button Paging Mic
  • Can communicate with 12 different zones
  • Designed for use with AUDIOCONTROL12.8
  • Elegant design with a remarkable sound quality
  • Speech-optimized sound processing
  • Unidirectional condenser microphone
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DIMIC12 12 Button Paging Mic for Audiocontrol 12.8

DIMIC12 is a selective progammable digital paging station with the possibility to communicate with different zones in your office. The DIMIC12 can be used for 12 different zones. When the DIMIC12 is used with AUDIOCONTROL12.8 you can allocate buttons to perform actions like opening a door, controlling a sound source, ring a bell or even start a series of commands.

This paging station is designed for use with AUDIOCONTROL12.8 and easy to configure via the host’s graphical user interface. DIMIC12 combines an inconspicious and elegant design with a remarkable sound quality. It has speech-optimized sound processing and a unidirectional condenser microphone.

The unit has universal configuration of push buttons, 12 free configurable selection buttons, status LEDs, a push-to-talk button and multicolor paging status LED. Expandable with maximum 7 x DIMIC12S.




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DIMIC12 Technical Specifications