DIWAC Wall Control Panel for Audiocontrol 12.8


Main Features

  • Wall control panel for Audiocontrol 12.8
  • Programmable via graphical installer interface
  • Can control 3rd party devices
  • Possibility to assign new functions
  • Fits into most standard in-wall boxes
  • Easy mounting

DIWAC Wall Control Panel for Audiocontrol 12.8

The DIWAC wall mount controller is ideal to control the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 in every single room. The wall mount controller is programmable via the host’s unit’s graphical installer interface to allocate the functionalities you need. Via the GII you can program the wall control to trigger macro’s or even control 3rd party devices.

The Graphical Installer Interface has been developed to be extremely installer-friendly, this makes it possible for every integrator to configure the required unique solution. The variety of installations where AUDIOCONTROL12.8 can be used is endless and only limited by the installer’s creativity.

The DIWAC is configured as an audio controller with ‘source select’ and ‘volume adjustment’ buttons. There is the possibility to assign new functions. The LCD-display has 2 line – 12 character and has a timed (adjustable) white blacklight.

DIWAC fits into most standard in-wall boxes such as our E-MODIN and N-MODIN. Easy mounting (no mounting tools required) on the wall chassis.




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