E845S Supercardioid Dynamic Mic with Switch


Main Features

  • Exceptional feedback rejection
  • Full dynamic range and smooth frequency response for excellent signal quality
  • Frequency Response: 40 – 16000 Hz
  • Very good rejection of handling noise
  • Hum compensating coil
  • On/off Switch
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e 845-S Live Vocal Dynamic Super Cardioid Mic with on/off switch

Dynamic super-cardioid vocal mic, which helps to reduce spill and feedback. Ideal for presentations, conferences, choirs, rehearsal rooms, and stage. Easily eliminates ambient noise. Superb high frequency reproduction.

Maximum focus, enhanced presence: the e 845 delivers differences you can hear. Its expanded high frequency range creates space for demanding dynamics with a high signal quality. Vocals become more alive and sound wider and more open – even at different speaking proximities. Designed as a super-cardioid, the e 845 easily eliminates ambient noise. A reliable, easy-to-use companion for presentations, conferences, spoken word performance, choirs as well as rehearsal rooms and on stage.

This S-version of the e 845 comes with a noiseless on/off switch.


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e845 User Manual