E914 Long-Throw Cardioid Condenser Microphone


Main Features

  • Exceptionally lively, clear sound
  • Three-position sensitivity switch
  • Three-position bass roll-off/cut-off switch
  • Very high sound pressure handling capability
  • Comes with a pouch, windscreen and clamp
  • Perfect for ambitious (live) recordings

E914 Long-Throw Cardioid Condenser Microphone

The e 914 is a condenser microphone of the superior class with a full-bodied sound and excellent dynamics. Its silky character, never headstrong, is developed from the gentle emphasis of the sophisticated treble. Its straightforward transient response accurately captures the temperament of each set, even at very high sound pressure levels. With its detailed resolution, the e 914 makes every live drum sound more refined. The capsule has extraordinary feedback resistance and can be individually adapted to various needs: three positions of bass roll-off/cut-off and pre-attenuation can be set.

The e 914 is a high grade condenser microphone for very demanding applications. Its outstanding sound properties qualify the e 914 for highly sophisticated tasks.The e 914 is a perfect microphone for ambitious recordings and live performances. Its main areas of application are acoustic guitars, cymbals, percussion, overhead, orchestras, grand pianos and many more.





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E914 User Manual


E914 Spec Sheet