HS2-1 Headmic with Sub-Miniature Omni Mic Lemo Beige


Main Features

  • Condenser omni-directional headmic
  • Fitted with a steel wire cable and a 3-pin special connector
  • Fits Sennheiser 3000 and 5000 series
  • Fulfills the most stringent demands on sound quality
  • Suitable for both vocal and speech applications in all areas of live work
  • Finished in beige

HS2-1 Headmic with Sub-Miniature Omni Mic Lemo Beige

The Sennheiser HS2-1 – Wire Headset with Omni Microphoneis a professional, low-profile head-worn microphone suitable for performance and speech vocal capturing. The steel, low-profile frame and steel-wire cable make it both, unobtrusive and durable. The HS2 capsule features a wide, flat frequency response and omnidirectional polar pattern. The microphone is available with various connectors to suit various applications; this version features a Lemo 3-pin for connection to compatible transmitters.




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