LA140 Stationary IR Radiator for LT823 Grey


Main Features

  • Outstanding coverage – 10,000 sq. ft (929 sq. m)
  • 2 radiators can be powered from a single LT-82 transmitter
  • Includes wall, ceiling, desk, mic stand and tripod mounting brackets
  • Units can be horizontally or vertically mounted together
  • Radiator diodes are turned off if no audio signal is present after 30 minutes
  • Delay compensation – ensures no drop out in the IR signal
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LA140 Stationary IR Radiator for LT823 Grey

The LA-140 IR radiator/emitter packs high infrared power in a small and attractive design, with your choice of grey or white packaging. Designed for easy installation using standard components, the LA-140 is powered via CAT-5 cabling while the RF modulated carriers are delivered via standard coax cable. Mounting brackets are included for wall, ceiling, desk, mic stand and tripod mounting. Power can be supplied by the LT-82 transmitter or from a separate power supply (LA-205).

Built-in delay compensation prevents signal cancellation (multi-path) problems and eliminates the piled-up cabling that is required with other systems. The LA-140 is used for government compliance (such as ADA), assistive listening, language interpretation, live theatre, houses of worship, courtrooms, secure rooms and for auditory description. Available in both grey and white.


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