Lucia 240/2M Compact Amplifier 2x 120W


Main Features

  • Per channel pre-sets for high-pass filter, parametric EQ & more
  • Optimized pre-sets available for specific loudspeaker models
  • Patented amplifier for low distortion and minimal heat dissipation
  • Smart short circuit, thermal, and under-voltage protection
  • Universal power supply operates at 100 – 240 V AC (50 or 60 Hz)
  • Intelligent fan runs silent at idle and at lower output levels
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Lucia 240/2M Compact Amplifier 2x 120W

Lab.gruppen’s innovative LUCIA (Localized Utility Compact Intelligent Amplification) brings superior audio performance and extraordinary flexibility to a decentralized approach in AV systems design. Power, processing, control and I/O are conveniently placed exactly where they are needed. In many AV applications requiring consistently outstanding performance, LUCIA offers a logical, cost-efficient and scalable solution that often eliminates the complications and added expense of a centralized equipment room. LUCIA amplifiers incorporate a digital, firmware-controlled front end coupled to a robust, durable and highly efficient Lab.gruppen output stage, all of which make LUCIA the best-sounding and most reliable compact amplifier in its category.

LUCIA 240/2M has been designed and engineered for quick installation and easy setup. The supplied wall-mount bracket enables discreet on-wall location (such as behind video displays), but the ultra-compact form factor also allows easy placement virtually anyplace – whether next to a projector or integrated into a reception counter, podium & lectern or bar area. All input and output connections are on Euroblock screw terminals (with parallel unbalanced RCA connectors), and level setting is available on front-panel potentiometers. Advanced circuitry protects the amplifier and connected loudspeakers from potential damage caused by clipping, thermal overload, or extreme low line voltage.

LUCIA amplifiers are ENERGY STAR qualified, making them an ideal choice for installation in projects seeking energy efficient certifications. The amplifiers automatically enter standby mode after a 20 minute period with no signal input, consuming less than 1 watt. Automatic power-up occurs within two seconds after an input signal is sensed.


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Lucia 2402M User Manual