MASK12PBRA Pole Bracket for MASK12/12T Black


Main Features

  • Bracket can be used with Apart MASK12 speakers up to 40 kg
  • Simple installation for quick and easy setup
  • Swivel speaker arm over a 180′ angle from left to right
  • Tilt speaker arm down up to 20′ by turning the tilt screw
  • Use with: MASK12BL, MASK12TBL, MASK12W & MASK12TW
  • Dimensions: Height: 290 mm; Width: 130 mm; Depth: 450 mm
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MASK12PBRA Pole Bracket for MASK12/12T Black

This wall bracket can be used with our MASK12 speaker or other compatible speakers up to 40 kg. To install the MASK12 speaker on the bracket, remove the center M10 bolt from the bottom of the speaker. Attach the pole mount (supplied) securely by fastening the mount on the speaker.

The speaker arm can be swiveled over a 180° angle from left to right and can be tilted down up to 20° by turning the tilt screw.




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MASK12PBRA-BL Technical Specifications