MKE Essential Omni Lavalier Mic 3.5mm Jack BEIGE


Main Features

  • Newly developed KE 4 capsule ensures high sound quality and warm nuances
  • Capacity to handle high sound levels for distortion-free reproduction in every application
  • Robust construction while simultaneously delicate and inconspicuous
  • Sweat-resistant thanks to patented umbrella diaphragm
  • Can be attached to head or body; diverse accessories for every type of attachment
  • Non-detachable cable connection

MKE Essential Omni Lavalier Mic 3.5mm Jack BEIGE

The MKE Essential Omni (omnidirectional) is designed for demanding everyday use on live stages. The newly developed KE 4 capsule is derived from the Broadway standard MKE 2, with improvements that provide a warm and distortion-free signal, even at high sound pressure levels. Reduced to the essentials, the aspirations of big productions become feasible, even for smaller productions and smaller budgets.




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MKE Essential Omni Specifications