P1812 100V Booster Amplifier 120W (A1800 Series)


Main Features

  • Can be connected to an A-1800 Series amplifier’s line out
  • Provides an optimal level and impedance to efficiently drive the P-1812
  • Switchable input levels
  • To interface properly with different equipment, input sensitivity can be switched
  • Emergency control
  • Remote-in terminal for emergency control on the back panel
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P1812 100V Booster Amplifier 120W (A1800 Series)

The P-1812 PA Amplifier delivers 120 W power output. It is so designed that its power ON/OFF can be remotely controlled when used in conjunction with A-1800 series PA Amplifiers (optional). The P-1812 can also be used as a stand-alone amplifier.




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