PM1122W Wireless Wall Control for PM1122 Black


Main Features

  • Wireless wall control for the PM1122
  • Lithium battery powered
  • Ultra-flat design
  • Controls source selection, mic volume and music volume
  • Connects to the PM1122WR
  • Operates on the 868.3 MHz frequency
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PM1122W Wireless Wall Control for PM1122 Black

The PM1122W is the wireless remote control for the PM1122, Apart’s multifunctional 2-stereo zone pre-amplifier. This ultra flat controller is only 15mm thin and truly wireless! Because it works on a lithium battery there is no power cable.

Because of its ultra-flat design it can be placed everywhere. No breaking required! It’s very thin and you can stick it on a wall, a boardroom table, a lecturer’s desk, eg… It’s ideal for those situations where an installer cannot use fixed cabling like meeting rooms with movable walls, historic venues and the like. This wireless receiver comes with a Niko faceplate included.

Through this remote control, it is possible to control the source selection, microphone volume and music volume control of a zone on a PM1122 pre-amplifier.

The PM1122W connects to the PM1122WR receiver and operates on the 868.3 MHz frequency. This frequency band can only be used for products that do not transmit continuously (1 % per hour = 36 seconds). Its range is about 30 m in-house and 100 m in open air, and depends on the materials in the building. It is possible to use a maximum of 32 transmitters with one receiver.

The PM1122W does not cause interference to signals of remote controls of hifi, video,…. The transmitter should not be aimed optically towards the receiver. Never place the transmitter in a metal cupboard, metal housing or plaiting, near big metal objects, on or near the ground.




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