PM1122WR Wireless Receiver Module for PM1122


Main Features

  • PM1122WR Plug-in receiver antenna
  • Designed exclusively for RF-extension of PM1122INT
  • Link up to 32 wireless controls
  • Control source selection, mic volume and music volume
  • Operates on 863.3 Mhz band
  • Works with wireless controller PM1122W


PM1122WR Wireless Receiver Module for PM1122

The PM1122WR is the plug-in receiver antenna that is designed exclusively for RF-extension of the PM1122INT. It connects this 2-zone digital remote interface with the PM1122W, the wireless remote control that allows control of the source selection, microphone volume and music volume of a PM1122 pre-amplifier. It is possible to link up to 32 wireless controls to one RF receiver module.

This wireless receiver is designed to work exclusively with the wireless controllers (PM1122W) and digital remote interface (PM1122INT) of the PM1222, Apart’s 2-stereo zone, and remote controlled pre-amplifier. Both the wireless controllers and the receiver operate on the 863.3 Mhz band.




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