SpeechLine SL HEADMIC1 SB MKE1 Omni 3.5mm Jack Silver


Main Features

  • Most comfortable-to-use presenter microphone
  • Outstanding sound quality, omni-directional
  • Sleek and unobtrusive appearance
  • Extremely lightweight, but sturdy metal frame
  • Soft-case for convenient transport and storage
  • 3.5mm jack connector
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SpeechLine MKE1 Omni Headmic 3.5mm Jack Silver

The SL Headmic 1 is an extremely unobtrusive and comfortable-to-use headworn microphone. It features the proven omni-directional MKE 1 microphone capsule and a 3.5mm jack. The adjustable neck band makes its use convenient for everyone. The extremely lightweight (7 g) but robust metal frame makes long-term usage most convenient. It comes with a sturdy and sleek soft-case, which can also hold a bodypack transmitter. The microphone is also available in black or silver.




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SL Headmic 1 User Manual


SL Headmic 1 Specsheet