TeamConnect Ceiling 2 Beamforming Array Mic with PoE & Dante


Main Features

  • Unique patented automatic beamforming technology
  • Easily controlled and monitored remotely via Control Cockpit software
  • Connect the microphone via analogue or digital DANTE™ audio outputs
  • Easy to install with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) and Open Media Control (API)
  • Compatible with Dante Domain Manager™ via Audinate chip
  • 3 installation options for fit your application: Flush-Mounted, Suspended and Ceiling Mounted
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TeamConnect Ceiling 2

Sennheiser have perfected their ceiling microphone TeamConnect Ceiling to give you an unprecedented meeting experience. The result is TeamConnect Ceiling 2 with patented beamforming technology and other outstanding features. Experience excellent Sennheiser audio quality and use the entire meeting room in a way that suits your personal meeting culture: During the meeting, participants can move freely and flexibly in the room, sit at the table or give presentations.

Clear speech intelligibility has become an essential part of modern work styles, especially when conferencing with remote participants. Unlike other ceiling microphones on the market or device-integrated microphone solutions like those in laptops, TeamConnect Ceiling 2’s unmistakable technology transmits your voice crystal clear to remote participants as if they were on the spot.

Whether for conferencing, presentation or collaboration with remote participants: TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is designed to automatically adapt to every imaginable use case and is the perfect fit for every mid to large-sized meeting room. Thanks to the patented dynamic beamforming technology, you will now experience meetings and conferences that are as flexible as you are: A single TeamConnect Ceiling 2 captures your voice easily within a radius of up to 60 sqm – no matter what you do in the room. And once TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is installed, you will never have to worry about further configuration again.




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