VXP6 6″ Dual Concentric Active Speaker 300W 90deg Black


Main Features

  • Conceived, engineered and built with precision in the United Kingdom
  • Highly compact
  • Ultra-reliable and efficient
  • Self-powered and highly compact
  • Rugged and highly compact birch plywood enclosure
  • Pole-mountable for small-scale portable PA applications
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Conceived, engineered and built with precision in the United Kingdom, VXP Series represents a brand new evolution in Tannoy’s core philosophies in self-powered loudspeaker design. Tannoy VXP 6 combines the technological refinement of the passive VX 6 with the brand new IDEEA™ integrated power module from Lab.gruppen. The result is a highly compact, ultra-reliable and efficient, self-powered loudspeaker offering a punchy and sonically superior solution for small-scale sound reinforcement and high performance speech reproduction where clarity and vocal character are paramount. The VXP 6 has also been acoustically matched with the wider range of VXP Series models, making it a perfectly capable component within much larger installations.

In Auto mode, the speaker turns on with signal present and switches to standby mode after 20 minutes of no input, in doing so reducing power consumption to less than 1 W (while in standby). Manual control mode allows the speaker to be turned on and off as required. Also provided is a switchable 90 Hz high-pass filter for use when adding a subwoofer.

Audio connection is via female XLR and power via PowerCON (included) on rear panel. VXP 6 is available in black or white textured paint finish as standard, with matching grilles, and is also available in custom matched RAL colours as an option.




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